We have a wide range of products in our production offer We offer coke and carbon derivatives (gas tar) also services in the field of reloading of bulk goods between railway carriages and road transport vehicles. Trying to fully match the offer to the expectations of contractors we offer the possibility of individual price negotiation. Our customers they use attractive rebate and extended systems payment terms. View deal:

We have the ability to carry out shipments both by transport railway and car. In the latter case, on Customer's request, we provide our own transport. We run sale to both domestic and export customers.
Please contact us for more details our offer or you are interested in another type of cooperation with our company.

Quality Management System ISO 9001

Coking plant MMG ltd operates on the basis of a quality management system according to PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015. Management through quality is characterized by a systemic approach, the ability to constantly improve, orientation to strategic goals, commitment of the management and the entire team. The Quality Policy is an integral element of management, the assumptions contained therein constitute the foundation of our system.

we create fuel for your business

We carry out production activities on a 45-chamber coke oven battery, which allows us to reach an annual production volume up to 200,000 tons
We are a unique company among Polish producers coke. We are distinguished by capital conditions: -we are 100% a company with Polish capital
-we are a 100% private enterprise
-100% of the shares are in the hands of natural persons.
We flexibly adjust the manufactured assortment to market needs, taking into account specific requirements even small audiences
We offer a short cycle of agreements regarding technical and commercial conditions for coke acceptances and the possibility of immediate realization of the orde
We offer the possibility of individual negotiations of the reception conditions (including the purchase price)